MDML v2.0.0

A beautiful, fast & simple Markdown to Website Express app for making simple & lightweight webpages that don't suck. It can be useful for writing documentation, or just simple information.

How it works

MDML checks the pages folder and converts each file to a webpage using Marked & turns it into a fully working website. Go to the pages folder & in the file to change this page's content ;)


MDML has a simple yet beautiful design. Also, using markdown makes it easier to make your webpage because you don't have to take care of making the site look good, and you just have to focus on your content. Anyone can learn Markdown syntax. Custom CSS can be completely customized.


Full markdown support

Markdown is fully supported on MDML, everything works like links, code, and even code blocks:

var axios = require('axios');
axios.get('').then(res => {

Low dependency count

We only use 3 third party NPM packages:


MDML will look as beautiful on all types of devices as it is responsive. Test it yourself by decreasing the size of your browser window, the website will adapt to the changes.

Config files!

New to MDML - Introducing configurations! You can now create a folder named configuration and put a settings.json file inside of it, and that will be used for meta tags, a new navigation bar, favicon, and title globally for all pages.

Easy to use

MDML is super easy to use, to create a page, all you have to do is to go to your pages folder and create a new file named and you can go to to access the newly created page. To use your main route (, you just need to name the file You can see the source of this exact Markdown page here

How to run MDML and/or make your changes go live

To run MDML, press the Run button on your repl, and to make your changes go live, press the Stop button, then press the Run button.

A Blobby project

Made by @lostintheabyss